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En Toute Sécurité, The Expert in Strategic Information

Fully independent of any organisation, “En Toute Sécurité” has analysed the French and International private security markets since 1988. It proposes several publications and services for security officers, security enterprise managers, financial investors, professional organisations, or auditing firms.

The newspaper for keeping up with the latest news

En Toute Sécurité is an independent bi-monthly newspaper providing exclusive information concerning the most pertinent and important news of the profession. The eight page report, in French, covers the strategic, economic and financial news of companies in France and worldwide, the needs and policies of the major users, the activities of professional organisations, regulatory decisions, and more. The wide ranging report covers all the areas of activity (access control, guarding, monitoring, cash in transit, CCTV, investigations, fire safety, alarm, locks, etc) and today is considered the leading reference source for the industry.

The Atlas, for understanding the market composition

The Atlas is an annual report presenting an overview of the private security market and a global appreciation of the economic performances of companies. In 250 pages, it delivers number-based data and a classification of 1600 companies in France, distributed in 22 market sectors. Practically organized and available year-round, the Atlas today is the only publication presenting a full synthesis of the market’s composition and evolution.

Market studies for detecting key success factors

En Toute Sécurité provides a range of nine marketing studies for the French security market. Organised by sector (monitoring, guarding, CCTV, access control and fire safety) and by segment (airport security, banks, major retail stores, and public markets), they provide the information needed to determine the crucial mechanisms and key factors needed for success.

Consulting for directing strategy

En Toute Sécurité has developed a tailored consulting service to help its clients with their strategic decision-making and to understand clearly the directions to take according to their specific needs. For companies of all size, the service also carries out confidential strategic studies and performs marketing projects in different security sectors in Europe: acquisition opportunity detection, refocusing or diversification diagnoses, image auditing, branding strategy, head-hunting, communication consulting, etc.  

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